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Choosing the right restaurant


Choosing the right restaurant1. Type of food Food allergy, dietary preferences, preferred type of cuisine etc? These are some import things you have to look at before choosing your restaurant. You probably do not have to worry too much about food allergy, unless you are thinking of The Garlic Place and your dinner companion is allergic to garlic. If you are not sure if your date is a vegetarian or not, it is good to choose a restaurant that serves a decent salad. Most restaurants that serve Japanese or Western food do.

It is a good idea to find out the opinion of your date on which restaurant she likes as well. I really don?t see a need to withhold this information from him/her unless it is for someone special and you want to surprise him/her. If you do not know the food preference of that special someone, it is about time you find out

2. Food quality You should also try to find out if the quality of food (i.e. taste) is important to your dining companion. When in doubt, chose one that is at least slightly above average. It is better to leave good impression and getting your date sick with food poising is probably not a good idea. It does not always have to be to fancy, sometimes a simple meal on a romantic spot can be much more rewarding than something to upper class and uptight.

3. Price Make sure of the prices before hand so that you don?t get any nasty surprises and have to stay behind and wash the dishes to be able to afford the meal. So look for a place that is affordable and in your budget range, but still have good quality.

4. Service To me, this is the most important point to consider. I personally believe that the service of the restaurant staff will make or break your whole dining experience. After all, the dining experience is about having an enjoyable time. There are enough things to worry about on your date. It helps when you are in a restaurant where the staff are always ready to attend to your needs and help you and your dining companion resolve any issues that may arise. The waiter and waitresses are there to enhance your dining experience. They are there to take your orders. They are not there to be ordered around by you. So be nice and smile

5. Ambience This sets the mood. This is also a real important point to consider. Choose something that will suite your personality and if you want to chat, you can still do so privatly. If you don?t expect a lot of conversation to go on, you may want to choose a place with live music or some other form of entertainment. Live telecast of the English Premier League does not qualify unless your dinner companion is a soccer fan (most guys) or a fan of soccer players (most ladies

6. Waiting Time Always try to avoid having to wait for a table when out on a date. Whenever possible, please make a table reservation. It helps if you have been to the place before. If there is a table that is too near the toilet, please specify that you do not want to be seated there Sometimes, it is not possible to make a table reservation. For example, you cannot confirm the timing or it was a last minute dinner appointment. In such cases, chose a place where it is very likely that you will find a table without having to wait for it.

7. Location Location is also a big point to take into consideration. This can play a big role in the ambience and mood of the evening. If you are driving outside the city to a remote place , make sure it is not to far. If you are planning to do something afterwards. Choose a restaurant that is close by your activity for the rest of the night.

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